Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I have finished the set of GODSPELL and the play went off to a splendid reception and turnout for both performances. The lighting really augmented the set design and created the different moods of the play, Jay Bole at Hi-Fi Doc, LLC did a fantastic job. All of the LED lights used the total power equivalent of a 70 watt incandescent bulb!

The musicians playing behind the fence and under the Houston skyline were fantastic, as four people played over 15 intruments! This was all headed up by co-director and conductor Stephen Jones.

Below Stage Left, a 70's junkyard with real and silk folage. The real folage had to be fresh for fire reasons so palm fronds and live oak, natural to the area, were chosen. Courtesy of Trammel Crow Comercial Real Estate, for they allowed me to trim a few trees from one of their vacant commercial properties.
I also had to work with Kinkaid School colors which are purple and yellow/gold. These colors actually worked well with the psychedelic color theme without upstaging the actors.

The skyline stayed lit the entire time and was a layered foam insulation from Home Depot and held together with screws and hot glue. The no VOC Benjamin Moore paint was a matte paint called Natura. The surfactant (paint) took a little longer to dry but was tougher than flat latex paint and had no smell.

Lastly, was stage right which had to mirror stage left but have completely different detail. Remember that the entire set rests on the ground and is not screwed to the walls.

Lots of wire, rope, gaffe tape, etc!

To the right is stage right.
And on to the next house, party or theater event!

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